The Institute for Association and Nonprofit Research


It's not just data. Our reports tell a complete story and include recommendations for next steps.

We don't just hand you a report, we help you understand how to use it.


We use our 20 years of research experience to help you serve your members, clients and stakeholders.


Association and Nonprofit Research - It's All we do

online surveys

If you don't ask the right questions in the right way, your online surveys will be useless. We ask questions better than anyone.




“Joe is a consummate research professional. He has the highest standards of research methodology and understands the way to present research in the context of the market and the audience's expectations. He really connects with the audience and manages to get across complex data and issues in an effective manner. He's a very smart guy with a really interesting perspective and I am always proud to present work that he has done in the full knowledge it's the best our industry has.”

We are experts at data processing and analysis. We understand what the numbers mean.


Paul Tilstone

Former SVP Global Development, Global Business Travel Association

  • Online Surveys and Focus Groups
  • In-Depth, One-on-One Interviews
  • Research Execution and Consulting
  • Educate Senior Staff to Use Research
  • Event and Meeting Evaluations
  • Membership Satisfaction
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Member Segmentation
  • New Products and Services
  • Market Sizing
  • Publications and Readership Surveys
  • Industry Research
  • Economic Analysis
  • ​Brainstorm Facilitation
  • ​Strategic Planning